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Kitchen & Bath Tile and Tile Flooring

We use the term tile loosely to include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, quarry tile, mosaic tile, travertine and marble. Even though all of these products come in “tiles”, they are all different. The most common application is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is a man-made material made from non-metallic components through heat and subsequent cooling, basically flat pottery.

Residential bedroom tile installation

Porcelain Tile is made in a similar process, but with raw materials that make it tougher and stronger than a basic ceramic.

Quarry Tile is made of clay and shales and is also a durable product that can be used in interior and exterior applications.

Mosaic Tile can be made of any of the aforementioned materials to also include glass. They generally come in much smaller sizes and are fixed to a mesh backing.

Travertine and Marble Tile are both natural porous materials. Marble can be used used in areas that require a durable material, but travertine, which is often rated as one of the most beautiful materials, is not known for its durability due to the natural pores and crevices that provide that beauty.

These materials are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. The average life span for tile ranges from 25 years for marble and travertine to 50 years with ceramic and porcelain. Recommended cleaning methods include a mix of warm water and vinegar. Grout lines and porous materials should be sealed periodically to prevent stains from setting into the material.

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