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Laminate Flooring

Laminate, in a nutshell, is a more affordable imitator of hardwood. It is press wood that has a laminated finish with hardwood patterns. It is a floating floor, which means that it is not secured to the floor with nails or adhesive. It has a sound barrier underlayment installed underneath the material to reduce the hollow sound that floating floor can produce.

This product is a great do it yourself material, as the installation is fairly simple. Another advantage to laminate is the ability to easily replace a damaged board. The expected lifespan of laminate is 25 years.

laminate installation tiles with a ceramic appearance

One of the many benefits of laminate floors is they are easy to clean. Recommended cleaning methods for laminate include a dry dust mop. Some cleaners can be applied directly to the mop and applied to the laminate. Consult your flooring manufacturer for recommended cleaners. Cleaning of laminate is never to include water!

Free Laminate Flooring Estimates

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